North Shore Reflections 
Photography by Scott Benson


Senior Class Pictures

Senior Class Picture

More senior class pictures

Scott Benson's photography is also featured on the North Shore Visitor Guide.

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Senior class pictures with the dramatic North Shore landscapes will make you stand out of the crowd. Scott has photographed hundreds of graduating seniors over his twenty five years as a professional photographer. Knowledgeable and well traveled, Scott is able to suggest the best and varied locations on the Minnesota North Shore, providing stunning backdrops for your senior portraits. We also have great backdrops in studio.

Senior Class Picture
Senior Class Picture

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Photography by Scott and Brenda Benson
P.O. Box 36
Lutsen, Minnesota 55612


All photographs Copyrighted Scott Benson,  All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction, copying, downloading or other unauthorized uses of any of these images either in print form or by electronic means is unlawful. 

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